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This website is about communication methods and aids that can be used by people who have little or no clear speech. These methods are called Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). If you're new to AAC, we suggest you use the tabs at the top to find lots of information in easy to read formats, supported by useful links and definitions to give you a bit more information.


Project Final Report Published

A series of joint dissemination events took place in April & May 2013 across the UK to launch the AAC Evidence Base Project's final report 'Shining a Light on Augmentative and Alternative Communication'; the report gives an overview of all the strands of the project. Also published is a detailed research report 'Beyond the Anecdote' by the University of Sheffield (in collaboration with Barnsley Hospital).

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To find out about how this online, accessible AAC evidence base has been developed, read about the AAC Evidence Base research project.


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