Negotiating disagreement in picture symbol supported decision making

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TitleNegotiating disagreement in picture symbol supported decision making
Publication TypeJournal Article
AbstractThis study explores how meaning is co-constructed and negotiated when couples affected by Parkinson’s disease use a symbol supported decision making process (Talking Mats) to talk about their daily lives. Interaction data from three couples of men with Parkinson’s disease, their female partners and a facilitator were examined using Conversation Analysis (CA). Three negotiation sequences in which the partners disagreed regarding the ability of the person with Parkinson’s disease were used to explore the management of divergent views. Negotiation was an individualized process in which the men with Parkinson’s disease were at risk of not being fully involved. Negative assessment and disagreement were displayed in different ways. Strategies such as the use of pronouns and proper names seemed to play important functions in negotiation. Use of pictures such as with Talking Mats may support the handling of different views but partners need to be aware of the potential difficulties involved.
AuthorsFerm, U., Bloch S., and Saldert C.
Year of Publication2015
PublicationJournal of Interactional Research in Communication Disorder
ISSN2040-5111 (print) 2040-512X (online)
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Keywords (MeSH)adult, communication aids for disabled, communication disorders, decision making, negotiation, Parkinson Disease