motor neuron(e) disease (MND)


An acquired and progressive condition, most often affecting people in the 40 to 70 year age group.

motor neuron(e) disease (MND) – a degenerative disease of the motor neuron(e) system: see also amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). MND is more commonly used as a generic term in the UK for all variants of the disease, with ALS a term more commonly used in the US.

The disease affects the motor cells (neurones) in the brain and spinal cord. Without nerves to control the muscles, there is loss of control to move around, speak, swallow and breathe. Symptoms may include muscle weakness/waste and paralysis.

In most cases MND does not affect intellect, memory or the senses, but people experience varying degrees of vocal or physical impairment that may cause problems with communication.

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December 2012