weblinks - aphasia / stroke


These website links related to aphasia and stroke may be useful to you.

Aphasia Help - a site built involving people with aphasia, for people with aphasia; helpful and accessible information on aphasia and provides useful FAQs on the subject.

Aphasia Now - a site by people living with aphasia, for people with aphasia

Bury Speakeasy - a charity for people with aphasia.

CHSS (chest, heart & stroke Scotland) - Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland provides straightforward, easily accessible information about stroke (FAQs good); they have a good range of relevant publications e.g. types of stroke, what may help and who may help

Different Strokes - a very useful website particularly aimed at younger children and adults who have experienced stroke

Dyscover aphasia charity - this site looks useful, but we need to explore it further

North East Trust for Aphasia - North East aphasia charity

Speakability Aphasia Charity - national charity dedicated to supporting and empowering people with aphasia and their carers

Stroke Association - national charity

Talking Mats Centre - Talking Mats is an established communication tool, which uses a mat with symbols attached as the basis for communication

Tavistock aphasia trust - useful links and powerful support for raising the profile of the implications of living with stroke and aphasia

UK Connect - lots of helpful information for people with aphasia, their families and professionals (good FAQs)

December 2012