The right communication aid?

communication aid?

Deciding on the right communication aid

There are many things to think about here and it is important to get some specialist help to make the decision. There are lots of things available on the market and in many instances more than one communication aid would be appropriate, so it may come down to personal preference.

Here are just some of the the other key considerations:

  • have you had a specialist assessment for AAC?
  • What are your communication skills like now and what do you hope they will become?

e.g. are you just learning to use written words, or are you too young for that at present, or have you lost the ability to read easily following an illness?

  • Do you find it easy or quite challenging to hit keys on a keyboard?

Would it help if you had another way of selecting letters, words or pictures?

  • Another thing that often comes into the decision making, is how much the communication aid may cost and where you would get funding for it.

Things you may want to look into: assessment


Although this information is believed to be accurate, you are strongly advised to make your own independent enquiries.

December 2012