Jim with locked-in syndrome, using eye gaze


My husband had a stroke 2 years ago. It left him with something called Locked-In Syndrome. Before the stroke he was outgoing and busy now he seems pretty miserable. He uses his eyes to tell me lots of things.Recently, someone mentioned the guy who was in the TV programme who used his eyes to speak with a talking machine. I thought this might be good for Jim but I didn’t know how to go about getting the machine. Just by chance I mentioned it to our Health Visitor and she said she’d look into it for us.

Anyway, it took a while but eventually we were put in touch with a specialist centre who could look at what would be best for Jim. They put him through his paces and suggested a communication aid with something called eye gaze. They also supported us getting the machine through our health service.

We were lucky to get the help Jim needed. He has perked up since being able to interrupt me again. More people need to know about these machines and these centres, we can’t be the only people that need them.

Things you may want to look into: AAC assessment centres, eye gaze

December 2012